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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (USA)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate download 3DS
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (USA) Download -

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Download 3DS Decrypted | Monster Hunter is an action RPG that focuses on the equipment rather than leveling up your character. The further the player progresses in the game, the more you are allowed to forge better equipment. Forging different armor and weapons requires you to have certain items from monsters or from around the world from the different environments.

The game takes place in multiple areas that are split up into sections. The mini-map shows the segmented areas and the paths to take to get from one area to another.

Region: USA  
Languages: English
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Rom Type: .3DS/Decrypted
Size: USA – Part1 (990MB) | Part2 (526MB)


Download Links

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (USA) Download -

Megaup: Parte 1 | Parte 2

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